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The Front Row at Simon Gao

The Front Row at Simon Gao The Front Row at Simon Gao DSCN19961

Well-known actor Li Chen is wearing a suit from the same collection of Simon Gao that he was watching from the front row. The material is 100% silk and the pattern is something of a polka dot, though I am looking forward to having the opportunity to see it up close in the workshop.

The presence of Simon Gao on the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week schedule was notable because have not previously been younger, hipper designers represented at the event. The tendency had been for figures like Xander Zhou, Zhang Chi, Vega Wang, etc. to do their own events off-location either during the Week or at other times of the year. Most of the designers that show at China’s premier fashion week are from larger and inevitably far dowdier brands, design schools, or just people who seem to have really good connections with government.

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Boys at Izzue

Boys at Izzue check a web1
Photos&Text: Suzy
At Izzue FW 2011, the show was terrific, the music great and the ladies very lovely. But the gents were particularly well-dressed. We know that the art of adding a little detail to a suit-and-shirt combo can bring an edge to any outfit, creating personal style. I found some who have developed this sartorial skill almost to perfection and really don’t need much presentation. Enjoy!

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Tianjin Textures

Tianjin Textures  student style web1
Text and Photos:Suzy
Jacy is a fashion design student at the Raffles Design Institute of Tianjin. His earth-coloured combination was true eye candy in a sea of dressy black and colour blocked outfits and high high heels during the Young Designers Fashion show which took place this thursday at Financial Street’s Seasons Place.

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Ilaria’s DesignerIlaria的设计师

<!--:en-->Ilaria's Designer<!--:--><!--:zh-->Ilaria的设计师<!--:--> P10809541
Antonio Bandini is the designer for Ilaria. He used to work under Valentino. His coat is from Prada, though I think he fastened the bow-tie on the lapel. Currently there are no plans for an Ilaria menswear collection though China might be a better place if there were. There isn’t really a local brand for boys that is stylish – but not painfully avant-garde like the work of most young designers – in high-quality fabrics and simple cuts.

Despite the name, the brand Ilaria is based in China and founded by a Chinese woman, though the designer is Mr. Bandini, an Italian. Here are pics of the looks that were on show. “>Here are pics of the looks that were on show. The founder of the brand Ms. Ilaria He formerly lived in Italy.

After Septwolves七匹狼之后

<!--:en-->After Septwolves<!--:--><!--:zh-->七匹狼之后<!--:--> septwolves dandy china fashion week beijing                                 1

This dandyish individual was quite unimpressed by the Septwolves show. Click here for pictures of all the looks. Several editors I spoke with nearby were also very negative, saying if they were going to copy Western shows, the Fujian-based brand should have at least copied well.

<!--:en-->After Septwolves<!--:--><!--:zh-->七匹狼之后<!--:--> septwolves dandy china fashion week beijing                                 1


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On the Red Carpet在红地毯上

<!--:en-->On the Red Carpet<!--:--><!--:zh-->在红地毯上<!--:--> china fashion week bazaar11

After the Septwolves by Daniel Faret show, she works in sales at Bazaar but one suspects she might have worked formerly as a model or perhaps still be doing part time work. Links to pics from that show to come.<!--:en-->On the Red Carpet<!--:--><!--:zh-->在红地毯上<!--:--> china fashion week bazaar2

七匹狼的秀后, 她在《时尚芭莎》做销售但我怀疑她也是兼职的模特。

LV at China Fashion Week

LV at China Fashion Week P10408273

In what is becoming a continuing series on notable appearances of the Louis Vuitton logo in Beijing, here is Parker Yin, founder of Shanghai China Hosun Brand Original Fashion Design Studio. The hat and tie necklace are Parker’s trademarks, which he sported at numerous China Fashion Week shows.