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Advertising on Stylites

Stylites is a great place to promote your products if you focus on the China market. Local fashion media love the blog and we remain the primary English language site in this sphere. Advertising can be bundled with advice on your market entry strategy, including your consulting calls.

We would also like to welcome our latest advertising client, Go-British, which is now having a mid-season sale for its Facebook fans.

FNO x Stylites

FNO x Stylites FNO x Stylites FNO 0 web 1 of 11
Photos & Text : Suzy

Lane Crawford invited Stylites for a colaboration on to their 2012 celebration of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Here is a little preview of a truly fashionable and fun night! More pictures are coming soon.


At Transport Event in Shanghai

At Transport Event in Shanghai P10301601

Here I am with Wu Yulu, a farmer from outside Beijing who created the Wu Lao series of robots. Since 1986, Wu has single-handedly built over 40 humanoids capable of performing all sorts of tasks from giving massages to lighting cigarettes. The one pictured behind us is smoking.

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The Florence Photo Shoot在佛罗伦萨的拍摄

<!--:en-->The Florence Photo Shoot<!--:--><!--:zh-->在佛罗伦萨的拍摄<!--:--> FryeNels 2011 01 07 ev3TL00001 img000051

Finally, here are some shots from the photoshoot that we did in Florence using the clothing on sale in LUISAVIAROMA.

Well, I am not a professional model – that is for sure. One thing I learned that day is that it is very hard to find entire outfits that both fit and go together reasonably well in a single store. Also I was pretty much doing this photoshoot right off the plane, sot there wasn’t much time to pick a wardrobe. Anyway, I did find this dinner suit from Lanvin (available here ) in a lightweight wool that was perfect around the thighs though the coat was strangely baggy. The shoes from patent shoes with a blue bow from Giacomo Morelli (find them here) were the most interesting part of the ensemble though. More pictures of those beneath.

<!--:en-->The Florence Photo Shoot<!--:--><!--:zh-->在佛罗伦萨的拍摄<!--:--> FryeNels 2011 01 07 ev1TL00002 img000061

These two are real models. We were able to go out onto the terrace on top of the shop for some shooting. This was overlooking the centerpiece of Florence, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore or Duomo. From one of my least favorite brands, Dsquared, I found this rather appealing velvet coat with satin lapels (it is here) and oddly gratuitous feeling ticket pocket. It was amazing that the coat fit me almost perfectly. It would not really require alterations unlike the Lanvin suit above. In a midnight blue, the Burberry Prorsum suit (here) on the left features satin lapels that just about make it into a dinner suit, though there is always something a little improper about notch lapels and black tie. I suppose it is in that new family of suits that stylishly straddle the line between business attire and black tie and are, thus, most effective for going to fancy, but not altogether formal events.

<!--:en-->The Florence Photo Shoot<!--:--><!--:zh-->在佛罗伦萨的拍摄<!--:--> image 4326577 10617612

<!--:en-->The Florence Photo Shoot<!--:--><!--:zh-->在佛罗伦萨的拍摄<!--:--> FryeNels 2011 01 07 ev3TL00001 img00003

终于能把在佛罗伦萨拍的照片放上去。我明明不是个专业的模特。我这里穿的一套Lanvin的正装 (这里可以买) 和一双比较有意思的Giacomo Morelli (find them 这里) 鞋.

<!--:en-->The Florence Photo Shoot<!--:--><!--:zh-->在佛罗伦萨的拍摄<!--:--> FryeNels 2011 01 07 ev1TL00002 img00006

跟两个真的模特在外面拍的。我穿的是件DSquared平绒西服(这里) 左边的模特穿的是Burberry Prorsum的西服 (这里) 。

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Global Times and CIB on Li Xiaofeng

The Global Times just did an article on Li Xiaofeng’s cooperation with Lacoste and the Porcelain Polo, for which I was consulted. My piece on this in China International Business also appeared recently. Check two pages back on Stylites for the posts in which I cover Li Xiaofeng, Lacoste and the 2010 Holiday Collector’s Series.

Love for Li Xiaofeng

As I’ve been involved with the Li Xiaofeng/Lacoste project since the start, I take a keen interest in observing the media response, particularly from other websites. Jing Daily picked up my coverage of the story. Interview Magazine carried a more in-depth piece called “Li Xiaofeng for Lacoste: The Armored Crocodile” and Yatzer included an interview. The T Magazine blog also mentioned Li and soon Hypebeast, Trendhunter, Maison Chaplin, High Snobiety, Slamxhype, Dinosaurs and Robots and ulike.net carried the story. Next, I will put an update about coverage from the China and global print media.

Porcelain Polo Details

Porcelain Polo Details LI Xiaofeng Lacoste Holiday Collectors Series Porcelain Polo 2010 closeup 41

Amidst the countless details on the porcelain polo, the most centralis the point where the pheonix meets the crocodile above the collar. Li Xiaofeng points to this as a point where the emblems of East and West meet. The Lacoste logo represents the West and the pheonix is a traditional symbol of imperial China.

I think that when considering this piece – especially as a commentary on the Lacoste logo – it helps to remember its predecessor: last year’s super-limited edition Campana Brother’s polo, of which there are 24 in the world. As comentaries on branding and logos, how do these compare?

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First Glimpse: Porcelain Polo

First Glimpse: Porcelain Polo LI Xiaofeng Lacoste Holiday Collectors Series Porcelain Polo 2010 front 11

Here is most valuable Lacoste polo made to date. Specially commissioned for the Holiday Collector’s Series 2010, the porcelain polo by Li Xiaofeng will become a part of the history of Lacoste, cooperation between Western fashion brands and Chinese artists, and the commercialization of traditional Chinese motifs in contemporary global culture.

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