Kevin Tallon from Robe di Kappa

Kevin Tallon from Robe di Kappa Kevin Tallon Kappa Robe di Kappa1

Off the normal fashion week schedule was the Robe Di Kappa show. Kevin Tallon from St Martin’s Design Laboratory of London headed the team that created one of the strongest collections of the week from the perspectives of theme consistency, innovation in fabrication and cut, and integrity of design.

Robe Di Kappa 这次时装秀的时间和不在正常的时装周日程上。由Kevin Tallon率领的伦敦圣马丁设计工作室带来的设计是这一周表现力最强的设计之一,主题一致,裁剪和制作上极富创意,设计简洁连贯。

Color was another strong point with bright blues, oranges, and aubergines on a canvas of muted gray promising to liven up the Beijing winter. Where, when, and why this style of clothing should be worn is another question, but presumably the clients are similar to those of Y-3 and other such brands. Find out more from this post by Lin Lin.

更多信息可以在Lin Lin的帖子里找到。

Photo: Ronald Dick

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