Vega Wang at 建外 Soho

Vega Wang at 建外 Soho  SFORZANDO Vega Zaishi Wang1

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in ’08, Northeastern girl Vega Zaishi Wang is now in Beijing with her own label. Stylites intern Yu Wu interviewed Vega.

从东北来的VEGA ZAISHI WANG在伦敦学了7年服装设计。原来她想呆在英国但后来,因为想家人,就回到了这里发展。她去年在见外SOHO开了工作室。Stylites采访了她。

Y: What are some of the key features of your designs? Upon which tropes do you rely most heavily?
V: My designs are generally succinct and linear. I prefer handcrafting and natural things.
Y: Which fashion designer do you most admire? What type of fabric do you like most?
V: Ann Demeulemeester. I like natural fibers like wool and silk.
Y: What do you think about style in Beijing?
V: Most people here still go after namebrands. Beijing is a multifaceted place, but it is still only a minority that understands what it wants style-wise.
Y: From whence came the inspiration for your graduation collection? I’m curious about how your beautiful designs were able glow?
V: I tend to express my emotional state through my designs. The items in my graduation show used E.L lamps or Electroluminescent Light – thin, flexible and energy efficient lights embedded in the fabrics.
Y: Where can your designs be purchased?
V: In Beijing, you can come to my workshop. Others can go to my taobao store.

More on Vega here.

Y: 你的设计有什么特点?什么元素是你最常使用的?
V: 相对来说我的设计比较简洁有线条.我喜欢手工和自然的东西
Y: 你最喜欢哪个服装设计师?哪个面料?
V: Ann Demeulemeester,喜欢天然的面料羊毛,丝绸,等等。
Y: 你对北京的穿着有什么想法?
V: 大多数人还是比较喜欢追求时尚品牌吧,北京是一个多元的城市, 还是有小部分人明白己想要什么。
Y: 谈你的毕业设计的灵感如何?我很好奇你怎么让那么漂亮的衣服都发光的?
V: 有情感的变化会让我想在我的服装上表现。我的毕业设计里面发光的材质是冷光片英文简写 EL。每件衣服都通了电,所有会发光。
Y: 那么现在如果人们想买你的服装应该去哪里呢?
V: 北京有家店。外地的可以来我的网店在淘宝

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